Telemedicine Tips and Info

Vidyo- port is

Room Name:
  1. The above rooms are attached to specific devices.  So for instance, you have to have residents open up the iPad with HUPNeurologyStroke in order to login to that room; if you’re using a different device (like 2 phones with Vidyo), use the room with your own name
  2. There is an external speaker attached to the S9 iPad- this needs to be charged periodically.  It also needs to be turned on (button on back)- when on there will be a visible blue light
  3. The iPad has an external battery pack- this needs to be charged periodically.
  4. In the fellows room, on top of the grey cabinet above the desks in the front is an additional back-up iPad bracket with a pole mount- this can be used in case there is an issue with the main iPad mount
  5. There is a toolkit in the fellows office in the same place with a pliers and a set of Allen wrenches if the bolt on the iPad mount loosens
  6. If you are sharing the screen with the residents in the conference room, hit “unlock the share” to move that screen to a separate window.
  7. You will want to hit the little pin in the corner of the Vidyo video feed to convert to portrait mode- this will allow you to see much more of the patient
  8. There is a small pole mount for an iPhone which can easily fit in a pocket (either in Laura’s office on 3 Gates or up in the fellows office)- this may be useful if the fellow is seeing a consult in the hospital and wants to easily share the exam without having to hold the phone.
  9. The conference room on S9 has Vidyo on the big screen/desktop computer in there with a video camera/mic connected. This allows one resident to be in the conference room, another can use the iPad, and the attending can be at a remote computer, with all 3 conferencing together while maintaining physical distancing.