Preliminary data suggests a link between COVID-19 and thrombotic events, as well as the possibility of neurologic involvement with COVID-19. We have started a research study to investigate these potential linkages. We will be posting preliminary data in a rolling fashion as it accrues, and expect to update this on a weekly basis.  For this study, we are running weekly automated searches of the shared electronic medical record system used by three downtown hospitals in the Penn system (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital) to identify hospitalized COVID-19 patients in whom an order for brain imaging has been entered.  Manual chart review and data extraction for these patients will allow us to determine stroke incidence, identify risk factors, characterize underlying stroke mechanisms and response to treatment, define radiographic findings, and inform prognosis.  We will also characterize other types of central nervous system involvement of COVID-19.

Study team:

Olivia Oldridge, PhD

Hannah Schwennesen, BA

Aaron Rothstein, MD

David Do, MD

Brett L. Cucchiara, MD  (lead investigator)

Data as of 5/6/2020:

We are actively extracting data to determine the rate of cerebrovascular other central nervous system disease related to COVID-19. Data will be updated every 1-2 weeks.